…”oh what a night”…

Last night Birmingham witnessed another appearance of that rarest of creatures, the many headed Box Frog. Mind you, sightings are getting more common.  We played some new games, made some real discoveries (I’m sorry, what did you say…?) and a good time was had by all.

Some of you will have heard me say that I retreated from the world of scripted work because I stopped getting nervous before a performance (so, therefore, what was the point…? ).  The last couple of performances I’ve done with Box of Frogs I have got nervous beforehand.  The first time at The Lamp I got very nervous beforehand.  But that was probably just the coffee (feed me caffeine and watch me fly…).  Last night at The Lamp I just got excited beforehand.  I was “delightedly anticipating” the fun I was going to have.  And, do you know what?  I think the audience had fun too, which was nice.


About Dawn Abigail

Dawn Abigail is an independent HR Consultant, Trainer and Human Being.
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