Three great workshops heading this way…

Leap into action with the Frogs – three weekend workshops in May, June and July.

Come and play with Box of Frogs at the Blue Orange Theatre!

Saturday May 25th.

Truthfulness In Improv with Klaus Peter Schreiner.

Klaus says “In this workshop we emphasize the creation of truthful stories. How can we make the audience care about the characters? How can we use emotions to make the narration credible? How can we use truthfulness to entertain? Often improvisation theatre simply tries to be funny, but there are so many more ways it can be used to captivate an audience. This will be practised in a highly motivational and fun atmosphere encouraging improvisers to explore their skills of expressing emotion.”

More about Klaus at £30.  (Not for beginners.)

Saturday June 29th/Sunday June 30th.

Musical Improv – with Heather Urquhart and Joe Samuel of The Maydays.

Heather and Joe say “A weekend dedicated to all aspects of music, singing and comedy.  Heather and Joe will take you through a vast range of singing styles, song structures, exercises and games.  Really useful for those who want to give it a go but need a safe environment to let their musical hair down.  Petrified?  Don’t worry, by the time you leave you will be ready to sing in front of anyone!”

A real treat, lots of learning and bags of fun. More info on Heather and Joe at £85 for the weekend. Open to everyone. Book soon – places will go fast!

Saturday July 13th.

TwoProv with Lloydie

Lloydie of MissImp in Nottingham will be looking at how to create extended scenes/stories with just two people.

£20. (Not for beginners.)

All workshops will take place at the Blue Orange Theatre. Places allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.

To book your place, email

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