Ten Thousand Million Love Stories

Box of Frogs is thrilled to announce that The fabulous Heather Urqurhart (Best Female Performer, Brighton Festival and Fringe Awards 2013) and Jules Munns (“Improv’s answer to Hugh Grant”) are bringing their unique Improvised Two-Hander show to Birmingham for just one night.

Love Stories Square
Ten Thousand Million Love Stories – a show about love, what it means and how we succeed and fail in it.
“The perfect balance between realism and comedy slapstick, these two comfortably jumped from one character to another, without ever losing their flow. The show was as funny as it was impressive” Brighton’s Finest
“Clever, complicated, and relevant, made by people who practise a lot, and have the kind of spirit which drives them to do what terrifies most people. Like making up an entire play on the spot. And not just a play, but an interesting creative adventurous play, that isn’t like any scripted work I’ve ever seen. Could this be the future of comedy?” Fringe Guru
Preceded by the “Fancy Pants Jam” The Fancy-Pants Mashup is a delight for both the audience and the improvisers participating in it. Improvisers who have never met, perform together, having no idea who they will be paired with before they greet each other onstage. The lights go down, and BAM! COMEDY!
It’s like blind dating, except replace the dating part with comedy. AND everyone is dressed fancy. This, we’re assured, is the key to the whole thing. NOTE: Fancy attire is not required for audience members…but it is highly encouraged!

Saturday March 1st for one night only.  Blue Orange Theatre, Birmingham Tickets just £8/£6  For more information and to book contact The Blue Orange Theatre 

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