Three workshops for Spring 2016

February 13th/14th – The Harold

Get to grips with this classic Improv structure, created and perfected by Del Close, and thriving in Chicago and all over the world today.

Learn the structure, the techniques and the moves that empower a group of improvisers to create stunning longform improvised theatre from a single audience suggestion.

Run by Jon Trevor, founder of Box Of Frogs.

Blue Orange Theatre – Full weekend.  £60. Suitable for those with some experience

March 5th/6th – Playback Theatre


Plays of Our Lives present a two day workshop delving into our stories exploring techniques of playback theatre.

 Playback theatre is a unique form of improv with storytelling at it’s core. Audience members are invited share their stories and watch them become theatre on the spot.

In this weekend they will explore the main forms, techniques and ritual of playback in a fun and nurturing environment. Topics covered include;

– Listening to a story and finding its core.
– How to turn a story into a play and how to play with a story
– Music and singing in playback
– Creative metaphor in stories
– Find the hero’s journey in every story

 Everyone is welcome at all levels of experience.

 Sharing our stories empowers us as individuals and a collective.

We are looking forward to an inspiring, empowering super-fun spontaneous weekend.

Run by Victoria Howden and Jane Beavis of Plays Of Our Lives

Blue Orange Theatre – Full weekend.  £80.


May 21st/22nd – Musical Longform


Once again the fabulous Heather Urquhart and Joe Samuel of OpenYourMouthAndSing and The Maydays are coming back to Brum to run one of their un-missable musical comedy improvisation weekends.

This time they will be focussing on Musical Longform – creating an entire musical spontaneously!

Suitable for all levels – no singing ability required!

Blue Orange Theatre – Full weekend.  £90.


Book your place on these by contacting  First come first served.

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